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Dr. Alex Schmidt
PSY 30426

After more than a decade of work with clients in a variety of clinical settings, Schmidt Psychological Services was founded in 2018. Our practice is focused on treatment of adults and children who present with a broad array of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. We specialize in issues related to early childhood trauma and attachment damage, PTSD, sexual dysfunction of all kinds, and panic and anxiety. Treatment is designed to assist with the safe and gradual re-integration of mind and body, and is focused on the treatment of symptoms and collateral issues at their source, via bodily-focused (and non-invasive) interventions, EMDR technique, Somatic Experiencing, and other integrative practices designed to calm and restore optimal function to the autonomic nervous system.  Our associates of referral at Schmidt Psychological Services are equally highly trained and experienced psychologists, bodyworkers, and specialists in the fields of somatic integration, neuropsychology, and the behavioral sciences, among others.

Dr. Schmidt's Professional Memberships & Associations:

Los Angeles County Psychological Association

California Sex Offender Management Board

California Psychological Association

Association of Threat Assessment Professionals

Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

Kinsey Institute: Traumatic Stress Research Consortium

California Coalition On Sex Offending


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