The science behind the relationship

The prospect of talking about painful memories or personal issues can be  daunting. It can seem safer to keep things inside. Research, however, shows us that the areas of our brain required for thought necessitate the use of additional structures in order to articulate them-- and even more parts are utilized when we say these thoughts aloud. To speak one's experience to another is to engage in higher-process language; the kind of engagement that can radically shift the way we hold and relate to a given situation. To do this with a skilled, compassionate, and highly trained facilitator can dramatically change our view, and enable us to see our lives in a new way.



Acknowledging and improving the connection between mind and body is essential to good mental health. Serving the greater California area, we work with clients to provide a wide range of counseling services to suit your needs.

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In one-on-one sessions, we’ll work to identify and understand your current concerns, and to address the potential impact of the past. We are focused practicing the use of new tools that will offer healthy ways of responding to stress, and on improving both your relationships and your mental, emotional, and physical health. We are trained to address both the symptomatic expressions of complex trauma and to treat it at the source, via self-directed bodily integration practices, EMDR, and a variety of other somatic interventions. We strive to empower our clients with the means to digest and process past experiences, in order to improve their overall well-being and their relationships.